Geography Curriculum

Learning all about the world around us

Geography at Sinai is extremely exciting. We aim to inspire children with a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Each year group follows a full and interesting programme of study.  The children build on their local and global knowledge each year so that when they leave Sinai in Year 6 they have a full and competent understanding of the world and their immediate surroundings.  We have strong focus on Geographical skills.  All children are taught to read and interpret maps, photos, globes and diagrams, they also learn to collect and analyse information during regular field-trips. We also emphasis cross curricular work, children often find themselves learning about Geography in Literacy, Science and even Maths!

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Twinning with Children around the Globe

At Sinai we aim to turn our children into global citizens, they should have a thorough understanding of other parts of the world and the similarities and differences between their lives and the experiences of children elsewhere. Over the past year is has been a priority to set up twining links. With the help of World ORT we have been able to set up links with other Jewish schools in Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Chile and Mexico. We are working towards links with Jewish schools in Israel, Brazil, South Africa and Bulgaria.

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Globe Twinning
List of countries that we twin with

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