Sinai School pupils talk to pupils in Milan, Italy through Skype

Innovative Geography project sees Sinai School reach out to schools around the world!!

A very exciting project was launched this week where the children of Sinai School are working with schools around the world including Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Israel and several schools in South America.

The pupils of Year 2 today were the first to make contact with the Scuola della Comunita Ebraica di Milano School in Italy. A Video Conference call was set up, using Skype, and the children had the opportunity to ask the children in the other country questions about the differences and similarities of their school and home experiences.  The children will be exploring the differences between the cultures  and will be focusing on different areas of life in each country and exploring them through different medias. For example finding out about the school day through photos, finding out about the games the children like to play through videos and learning about home life through drawing and writing. The children will then send each other their work to read and explore.

Aiming to broaden Sinai pupils’ understanding of the world and different cultures through meeting and exchanging work with them, getting to know more about their lives. Developing ‘Global Citizenship’ skills.  Benefits to partners are opportunities to speak English with native speakers and to learn about life in London.  Slightly different approaches for younger and older pupils – all will describe their homes, daily routines, schools, towns. Older students will exchange folk stories and compare cultures at a deeper level.

Take a look at the short highlights video of the Conference Call.

We will update more footage soon.

The school is incredibly grateful to World ORT who are supporting and have facilitated the project.

Check out the School’s Parent Portal for the full 25 min footage

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  1. What a fantastic project! A great and exciting way of starting an interest in people and countries around the world.

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