As our Year 6 pupils prepare for their transition onto Secondary School and their SAT's exams which are looming. They are using all their emotions and ideas to inspire their work.
Here is a wonderful poem by Jody Brickman imaginatively describing her thoughts and feelings about the SAT's. With writing like this we're sure she'll do really well!

School Life – A Poem by Jody Brickman

Outside the classroom, covered in fear:

A dread of a lifetime advancing near!

Shivering, quivering, any time soon.

Humming a song – all out of tune.


Peering inside the terror; the gloom now rising,

Hearing my teacher informing, advising.

The papers are there – all ready to use,

friends deep in thought, maybe searching for clues?


Tick tock!’ time is passing! We’ll barge in like a cart,

Listen to the words and we’re ready to start.

Less time to think, seconds are passing by.

The timer will be counting in the blink of an eye!


Examining hard; I’m racking my brain,

The awkward silence is really insane!

Heart pounding in my chest,

I’ll get in there.  I’ll be the best!


Inside!” yelled my teacher, we all barged casually,

The ‘town square’ outside the door dissolved very gradually.

Soon we were inside, all chairs squawking and squeaking.

Before it was silent again (now there was no way of cheating)!


Timer on the board, now it’s oh so scary.

Hands up, as the teacher solved our query.

Arrows moving on the screen, about to touch..

I really don’t like this at all very much!


Go!” yelled my teacher, determination-

Was spread on the faces. Now there is no termination!

Pens on paper, we’re scribbling down,

In comprehension named ‘Revenge of the clown!’


After an hour: it was all over,

I squeeze my green, lucky three leaf clover,

So much to do, so much to tell,

I really hope that I did well…