Year 4 Mummification

Mummification of a Fish!


Year 4 have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. Earlier on they began the process of mummification on a fish and were finally able to complete the mummification process this week. The final stage involved unpacking the fish from Natron (bicarbonate of soda) and salt, wiping it clean, covering with perfumed oils, wrapping in strips of lint and finally coated with varnish. Once unwrapped we could see the fish had hardened as the scales, once described as soft and wobbly , were now hard and rough. Despite being out of a fridge for six weeks the smell was minimal. We think these Ancient Egyptians were a very clever civilisation!

After the half term break we intend to bury the mummified fish in a container in the school grounds. Hopefully in two years time, when the children are in their final year of Sinai they will remember where it was buried and ask if they can act as archaeologists and re examine it.