Year 4 Visit to British Museum

Year 4 at the British Museum – History Curriculum

This week Year 4 explored Ancient Egypt and the Exodus from Egypt through Torah text, objects and drama.

The learning was facilitated by Look to Learn, who enabled the pupils to study the original Hebrew texts from the Torah and linked it to the studies on Ancient Egypt. On Wednesday we all went to the British Museum where we were met by Nic Abery  and her team from Look to Learn and taken to the Ancient Egyptian galleries. Once there she shared what life was like for everyday Egyptians; explored all the yucky and gory details of mummification; looked at the importance of the River Nile and analyzed the Exodus story from the Torah.

Back in school on Thursday Nic and her team helped make bodies out of clay and then using modroc showed us how the mummies were wrapped. The final stage before allowing the soul to enter the afterlife was to be placed in a beautifully decorated sarcophagus. Year 4 made these from paper, decorating them using designs seen at the museum, with some personal touches.

History really did come to life!