Year 6 SATS Important Information

Dear Year 6 Parents and Guardians,
We are sure that you are all very aware that the Year 6 SATS are taking place next week, from Monday 12th May until Thursday 15th May. Please find below for your convenience the schedule for the week and some key information.

Schedule for exams

Monday 12th May:

  • Level 3-5 English Reading
  • Level 6 English Reading

 Tuesday 13th May:

  • Level 3-5 SPAG
  • Level 6 SPAG

Wednesday 14th May:

  • Level 3-5 Mental Maths Test
  • Level 3-5 Maths Paper 1

Thursday 15th May:

  • Level 3-5 Maths Paper 2
  • Level 6 Maths Paper 1
  • Level 6 Maths Paper 2

Things to Remember

The children have been working extremely hard this year towards their exams and we are immensely proud of all they have achieved.

During the week of SATS please ensure that your child is eating well, has early nights and is feeling calm and supported. The children have done all they can in order to prepare, and all we can ask now is that they do their best and ‘show off’ everything they have learnt this year.

Reminders have been written in diaries and the newsletter about what equipment the children need to bring. All equipment must be brought to school in a clear pencil case/zip lock bag/plastic pocket, which has no writing on it.

The children must bring following:

– 2 blue pens

– 2 BLACK PENS (this was not on the list in diaries however test guidelines recommend the children write in black, not blue)

– 3 sharp lead pencils (2B is recommended)

– 1 Ruler (showing mm and cm)

– 1 protractor

– 1 sharpener

– 1 eraser

If necessary we can provide the children with erasers, rulers, protractors and sharpeners so please don’t feel the need to go out and purchase these items if you do not already have them. The children are also allowed to bring 1 highlighter into the tests to assist them with identifying key information of the reading booklet, if this is something they are used to and wish to do.

Further Information

Level 6 Maths children should bring a compass and may also bring a calculator into the Level 6 tests (these can be provided if need be).

Children will be permitted to bring bottled water into the tests. The water bottle must be a clear bottle, with no labels on (ie – an Evian bottle with the label removed).

If your child is unwell, please phone Mrs Lipshaw at the school as soon as possible on the day of the tests. Arrangements can be made for children to come to school, sit the papers and then return home before the end of the school day.

If your child has a football or netball match for school during SATS week, they are expected to come to school in school uniform. They will be given time after completion of the test to change into their kits.

During the week the children will also have the opportunity to relax and play some board games. They have been encouraged to bring some in next week, so long as they are traditional board games or card games, no electronic games are to be brought to school please.

For more information on the Key Stage 2 SATS for 2014 visit the DFE website.

We wish the children the best of luck for next week, and are sure they will do themselves proud.

Kind regards,

The Year 6 Teachers.