New Developments in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

New Developments in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Important information for parents regarding Special Educational Needs:

The new Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities[Children and Families Act 2014] will be published by the DFE at the end of June 2014.

It will outline changes to the SEND provision which schools are required to make. The main changes will be:

  • The categories of School Action and School Action Plus currently used in schools will be replaced by a single category, to be known as ‘School Support.’

School Action refers to support for pupils with identified needs delivered without the involvement of external professionals.

School Action Plus refers to support which is informed by the expertise of external professionals.

  • Statements of Special Educational Needs will be replaced by Health and Education Care plans. These care plans are intended for pupils with severe, complex and lifelong disabilities and the evidence to support applications will come from both Health and Education professionals as well as parents and carers.
  • The category of ‘Initial Concern’, which is the mechanism currently used for flagging up potential needs within the school, will remain.
  • Schools will be required to publish a School SEND Offer, including a Disability Access Plan, on their website, by September 2014. The SEND Offer will set out the ways in which the school ensures support for all pupils, including those with SEN and Disabilities, in order that they can reach their full potential.  The SEND Offer may not list every skill, resource and technique that the school employs to achieve this, as these are continually developed and used to modify the school’s provision to meet the changing requirements for individual children.
  • The school is already working on its SEND offer which will be published in September  on our website.