Schools link South Africa and UK

Schools link up – from South Africa to the UK


This morning two schools across the globe linked up through the power of technology. Sinai’s reception class Skyped with Herzilla Primary school in South Africa. The children had learnt a little bit about South Africa before hand and were very excited to ask some questions! There were 20 children from South Africa and 90 from Sinai!

The children sung two songs, the days of the week and ‘Bim Bom’. We were very excited when the children in South Africa sung along with them! The children in South Africa sung us some songs, they sung Avenu Shalom Alcheim and the children were able to sing along a little.

They asked several questions including what is your playground like. They found out that their playground was very similar, but the children in  South Africa have rabbits running around their playground!

The children also learnt that the seasons are the other way around, but even though it is winter in South Africa it is as hot as here.

They also showed an explained the Sinai school symbol to the children in the school in South Africa.

They took a photo altogether and said goodbye!

The schools working together is part of the school’s wider Geography twinning project supported by WorldORT and we were very excited to establish a Schools link South Africa and UK.

The children on both sides of the world were so excited to meet each other and find out all about each others countries.