Sinai Pupils publish their first E-Book on iTunes!

 Class 3C Book on Extreme Weather available on iTunes!

Class 3C have had their first joint book published on iTunes! Download the book yourselves on your iPad or iMac. You will need iBooks to read it. Click on view in the box below to download.


This year Sinai School has adopted parts of the International Primary Curriculum for the first time and it has proved to be a great success. Year 3 have immersed themselves in a different theme each half term, and the summer term topic started with My Wondrous World. This provided excellent opportunities for much cross-curricular work across the year group and resulted in a well-rounded understanding of the topic overall.

In Literacy, to tie in with our Geography work on weather around the world, year 3 teachers presented a four-week unit on Extreme Weather. We used pictures of natural disasters as a stimulus for children’s writing, before moving onto a non-fiction unit on non-chronological reports. This provided the perfect opportunity to create a class book, compiling all research children had found both in school and at home. The response to the topic was so positive that it took little persuasion for children to research in their own time too!

Each child made a report on a given Extreme Weather condition, before creating a contents page and glossary, and finally an explosive front cover.

The children in 3C are extremely proud of their ‘class book’ and we hope you can see the incredible effort they have made.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

If you have an iPad or an iMac with iBooks you can download it and read it yourself. Our pupils are now real Authors!! Sinai Pupils publish their first E-Book!!
If you want to view it on-line now Extreme Weather by Pupils of Sinai School

Extreme Weather by Pupils of Sinai School