Sinai School Elections 2015


Sinai School Elections 2015 are in full swing!

Whilst the whole country is in the grip of election fever Year 5 are preparing for their own election.

There are four parties for the children to choose from: Transform, Vision ,Progress and Tomorrow. Each party has democratically elected their leader and have written a manifesto with policies that are relevant to them.

Everyone connected to Year 5 has registered so that they are able to vote and our voting will take place at the same time as the national vote on Thursday.

On Tuesday we will be looking at how a new government decides on its policies and what the children feel should be included, giving reasons to justify their thoughts.

On Wednesday all four parties will take part in a pre election debate and after having time to digest what’s been said, there will be class discussions on Thursday morning helping everyone come to the important decision on who they intend to vote for.

Our vote, like the rest of the country, will be completed in private. Our administrating team will lead the count and the Year 5 result will be hopefully announced on Friday.

You can read the parties manifestos below;

Transform Manifesto
Progress Manifesto
Vision Manifesto
Tomorrow Manifesto