Mezuzah Checking with Sinai School

We are delighted to introduce a new ‘Mezuzah Checking ‘initiative.


The placing of a Mezuzah on doors of a property in which Jewish people live and/or work has been one of the fundamental Torah laws which has been passed down through the generations. As we read the Shema twice daily, we are reminded of the importance of this very special Biblical Mitzvah/command.

The Mezuzah case which is affixed to the right hand side of the door post, contains a small scroll of parchment, on which is written the first two paragraphs of the Shema. The scroll is rolled very tightly and placed inside the Mezuzah case, which come in all kinds of designs, shapes and sizes.
As a result of the tight rolling of the scroll and (particularly Mezuzot exposed to the natural elements) changes in temperature, the carefully scribed letters can start to show some wear over a few years.
It has therefore become a widely accepted custom to check Mezuzot twice in seven years (approximately every 3 ½ years), by a qualified Sofer (Scribe). This usually involves taking the Mezuzah to the home or shop of the Scribe and then, once the checking has been completed, picking it up again or purchasing a new Mezuzah if it is beyond repair.

To make Mezuzah checking more convenient for Sinai families, Rabbi Goldmeier has  arranged a special Mezuzah Checking Service whereby families who choose to use this service will be able to drop their Mezuzot at school and he will take them to the Scribe (Rabbi Z Unsdorfer) to be checked and then return them to you at school.

The cost of having a Mezuzah checked is £5 per Mezuzah, which will be payable by cheque and which should be placed in an envelope or plastic bag, with the Mezuzah to be sent for checking. If you don’t want to have all your Mezuzot checked at once, you can choose the ones placed on the main entrance of your homes and/or bedrooms.

This new initiative is in no way compulsory, but if you would like to avail yourself of this service, please send your Mezuzah/ot in a clearly labelled envelope/bag, together with a cheque made payable to Rabbi Z Unsdorfer.

For more information or any questions regarding this service please contact Rabbi Goldmeier  [email protected] at the school.