Sinai forms Partnership with Gesher School

The Gesher School forms a partnership with Sinai Jewish Primary School

Pupils Wall Mural from Clay

We are pleased to announce that Sinai Jewish Primary School has formed an exciting partnership with the Gesher School, a new school for children with special educational needs.

Under the partnership, Gesher School will open in September 2017 on our campus in Kenton. Gesher‘s students will become a key part of an expanded Sinai school community, where they will have opportunities to integrate with and work side-by-side with Sinai’s students as part of a diverse school environment.

Gesher School will operate independently and will welcome its first cohort of students in September, when it will open with two classes of eight primary school-aged children.

We feel privileged to be able to work so closely with the Gesher School and to provide the foundations for a vital and much needed specialist provision for Jewish, primary-school-aged, children with special educational needs.

Under the partnership, Sinai pupils will be able to take advantage of the specialist in house expertise available at the Gesher site.

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