Welcome back to school!

back to school

We are looking forward to welcoming back our pupils to school tomorrow!

We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday with your children.

We look forward to see children in full school uniform. We would like to remind you that packed school lunches must be kosher and healthy and ONLY fruit and vegetable snacks should be brought in for break-times.

Children and Parents will be excited to see the newly refurbished Infant toilets, as well as Parent and Child facility in the infant corridor. The playgrounds have been resurfaced and the new climbing equipment has been installed in Key Stage 1 playground and the Key Stage 2 equipment will be completed this week.

  • A reminder that school starts at the normal time tomorrow (8:45 am)for Year Groups 1 – 6.
  • Reception start next Monday, on the 12th September and will finish at 1 pm for that week.
  • Nursery 1st intake is on the 12th September, 2nd intake on 14th September and the 3rd intake on the 19th September.

Looking forward to all your children tomorrow.