Jewish Studies

Hebrew and Jewish studies underpin the whole educational character of Sinai school.

Children spend 25% of their timetable studying and living their Jewish religion. Jewish Studies is taught both as an independent subject and integrated into day-to-day lessons. 

We are taught that ‘The world stands on three things; Torah, Avodah (Prayer) and Acts of kindness.’ Without one of these three things, the world would be like a tripod trying to stand on two legs. Therefore, the Jewish Studies Curriculum aims to incorporate all three areas into the daily lives of all the pupils at the school. Promoting Belief in Torah, giving pupils the opportunity to understand and appreciate the power of prayer and instilling a kindness of all living things, enables pupils to see the world with an open mind. 

The Jewish Studies curriculum aims to make children proud of their Judaism, with the necessary skills and knowledge to play a full part in the Jewish community. We aim to create in every child the desire to continue with their Jewish studies throughout their secondary education and on into adulthood. 

We have 12 members of staff in the department, who make it their responsibility to impart a love for Judaism and a love for Israel in all their teaching and who work closely together and integrate appropriately with the Secular Department enriching the secular studies across the school. Positive identification with Israel is constantly reinforced, both in and out the classroom. 

There are many opportunities for pupils, parents, staff and governors to participate in both regular and extra curricular activities which enhance the joyous realities of our religion. Many of our programmes are organised in conjunction with SEED and these include educational fun days, shiurim for parents, Hebrew reading crash courses etc. 

To paraphrase the Pikuach under ‘Overall effectiveness of its provision for Jewish education’, 

The Jewish Studies department of Sinai School is good overall with some outstanding features. There is a strong commitment to continue improving the quality of Jewish education.”

Pupils are happy at the school and feel secure and an overwhelming majority of parents indicate very strong support for the school. 

The school places great emphasis on improving the standards of Hebrew reading and writing and is succeeding in this aim due to the considerable resources it invests in teaching these important skills.’

Please read a copy of the full Pikuach report on Sinai 

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