Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies Curriculum at Sinai School

The Jewish Studies curriculum aims to help every learner develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of each subject area within Jewish Studies. The school has been involved with the Jewish Curriculum Partnership for over 10 years, contributing material which has given children at Sinai a coherent, flexible and enriched curriculum. In addition, we have been developing our own curricula, ensuring each child is provided with a broad and solid Jewish experience and the opportunity to engage in Jewish texts, with Assessment and Monitoring of children’s progress and attainment a key part of this provision.


In Jewish Studies, it is essential to assess the children’s progress and achievement in order to ensure that the needs of all children are met.  Hebrew reading assessment has been established for a few years in the school and has shown that children’s reading , fluency and accuracy, has improved year on year. The department is now embarking on Chumash assessment, based on the JCP Chumash curriculum. The key areas focus on Chumash skills, knowledge of the text and understanding of the chronology of the Torah.


The children start to become familiar with a Chumash in Year 2 when they begin the Chumash Readiness Programme.  This is part of the JCP Chumash Curriculum which is followed throughout KS2. The programme covers the lives of the avot (Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaacov) and the imahot (Sara, Rivka, Rachel and Leah). The aim of the programme is to enable children to become analytical and reflective learners and thereby achieve a passion for and competence in learning chumash for themselves.

Charity starts…at Sinai!!

As part of our commitment to educating children, it is our firm belief that every child should be given the opportunity to learn about caring for and showing compassion towards others who might be less fortunate than themselves. In so doing, we encourage the children to collect money for different charities and together with their parents, voluntarily give of their time to raise charity at the end of the school day by selling a variety of products. Charities which have been supported in this way include; Camp Simcha, Kids Company Charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Noah’s Ark Hospice, Cancer Research UK, Chai cancer care , NSPCC, Comic/Sports Relief, Aspire Peace Hospice, Brittle Bone Society to name but a few.

Family education

Sinai offers and promotes Jewish family education and enhancement activities in conjunction with SEED.

This year we have successfully offered a wide range of activities for both children and their parents. Themed festival workshops include: Pizza in the Hut, activities at the PSA Chanukah gift fair, Tu Bishvat and Purim craft workshops and model sedarim which are attended by the children together with their parents.

Just before Shavuot we run a parent and child interactive learning session entitled Generation Sinai, which linked into an international joint learning venture.

All these activities have been well attended and have been a successful learning medium for both parent and child alike. They have been well planned, fun to participate in and delivered in a warm nurturing environment.


Festivals – ‘Chaggim

Festivals ‘Chaggim’ are celebrated at Sinai in a wonderful and meaningful way, leaving the children with an everlasting impression of that Festival. Before every Festival we prepare the children with all the  information they need to know for the upcoming Festival, and the children are taught songs in music lessons and Jewish studies lessons. The younger children participate in making beautiful art items  which they take home to show their parents.

Celebrations take place throughout the year at Sinai. We celebrate Chaggim, children’s achievements, special Israel days, charity awards, Sinai has talents days etc etc. Parents are invited to invited to come in and participate as often as possible. Perhaps the highlight of the year is Chaunkah where the whole school comes together to sing songs and light up the giant Chanukiah. More recently we have invited Parents  at Pesach time to come and experience the model Sedarim with their children which has been met with tremendous success. We also partner- up with SEED to give the children and Parents a very rewarding Jewish experience.

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