A ‘Giant’ Surprise – Writing Week at Sinai!

This week is Sinai Writing Week and there has been a giant on the loose!

When the children arrived at school on Monday morning they noticed a section of the playground corned off with Police tape. The ‘Police’ then interrupted assembly announcing that a giant had broken into our school through the playground and had gone missing!

The children were asked to help solve this crime and took part in a scavenger hunt and walked through a ‘crime’ scene to gather as much evidence as they could. They then interviewed a range of witnesses to gather quotes and will be designing ‘Wanted’ posters in the hope he can be found!

Writing week is an opportunity to immerse the children in an experience where they become investigators, storytellers and explorers – building excitement and nurturing a love for writing and see the progression from Early Years through to Year 6.

At Sinai our aim is to encourage children to write creatively but also for audience and purpose. When pupils enjoy what they are writing about they write more and they write with skill and enthusiasm.

Year 6 teacher Mrs Green commented, “We believe writing should be both inspiring yet challenging and enable our students to become motivated writers in a range of situations.”

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