Alice in Wonderland

During this half term Year 3 have worked extremely hard rehearsing for their production of Alice in Wonderland. This was the first time a performance had been put on by Year 3 at Sinai School, and it certainly was an unforgettable and fantastic experience. 
The children used their creativity based on Alice in Wonderland in their English lessons this term and the show was an opportunity for them to bring the story to life. 
From beginning to end, the show was truly enchanting and certainly made all the effort so worthwhile. The singing, acting and dancing was wonderful to watch and the creativity from all the parents and teachers of costumes and scenery/props were quite extraordinary.
The children worked extremely hard to ensure it was a night to remember. They put so much enthusiasm and excitement into the show and really made the teachers and their parents so proud. For weeks they have rehearsed their lines and a variety of songs.
To put on a show of such quality requires true passion and hard work. Once again, many thanks to Mrs Green, Ms Mifsud, Ms Black and Mrs Ovitz along with Miss Silverstein for producing and directing the show, to Mo and Mrs Stevens for working hard on the music and sound, and to Mr Anders for the excellent scenery.  Finally, thank you to all the staff, children and parents for putting so much love and joy into the production. ​​It will certainly be a very memorable and special moment to remember forever. 

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