Headteacher’s Bulletin – End of Summer Term 2017

Headteacher’s Bulletin

End of Summer Term 2017

Dear Parents,

As the term draws to a close, it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the last academic year and to look towards the future for teaching, learning and curriculum developments at Sinai.

Curriculum developments
Following a review of our Modern Foreign language provision, I have decided to bring French back to Sinai as our Modern Foreign Language for years 3 – 6. Mrs Iris Dutch will be returning to deliver these lessons to the children on a fortnightly basis.

Mr Solomons will become our PE teacher, leading all PE lessons in school as well as leading sports initiatives and tournaments. Mr Solomons has already managed to secure swimming lessons for our year 4 children and they will spend one term attending swimming lessons during school time.

I am delighted to have secured Brent Music Services for the next academic year. Their experienced and qualified music teachers will teach music across the school from the foundation Stage to year 6. The children will be exposed to a wide range of instruments as well as musical genres.

We will be working from a two week timetable from September, where Art, History, Geography, Science, Music, ICT, French (KS2), PHSCE will be taught in greater depth fortnightly. Maths, English, Guided Reading and Jewish Studies will still be taught daily and PE, every week. The school will operate on a week A and B system. The children will know which week we are on and we will inform you in newsletters.

We continue as a Maths Mastery school in September. In our second formal year, we will be teaching Maths Mastery in Reception, years 1, 2 and 3. In year 4, 5, and 6, we use a Maths Mastery approach, using the 6 part lesson.

Building improvements
Over the summer, we will be using the government grant for building work in developing our Key Stage One block. This is the start of our project to modernise the main school building. In the year one block, we will be creating larger classrooms thus ensuring a greater working space for the children. We will also be creating a (soundproofed) music suite and a sensory room. The library will be temporarily moved as we await our Library Bus, which will hopefully be arriving soon.

It is always difficult to say goodbye to staff, especially those who have been instrumental in our journey towards excellence. Miss Kerstein will be leaving us this term to move to Spain. Not only is Miss Kerstein an outstanding teacher, she radiates enthusiasm and has inspired both adults and children alike. We wish her luck in her travels and hope that she will return to Sinai when the pull of the sandy beaches wears off.
We will also be saying a goodbye to Morah Ada, who has been at Sinai for many years, sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the children and fostering a love of Judaism. Morah Ada is leaving us for a promotion and we wish her every success in her future.

Mrs Rodriguez will be leaving to spend more time with her young family. We thank her for all of her efforts since she returned to Sinai in January and wish her every success. Mrs de Vries will be leaving to go on Maternity leave, we thank her for her service at Sinai and wish her the best of luck with her new baby. Miss Papaioannou joined Sinai for a year and has supported many children’s Mathematics learning this year. We wish her every success in her future.

Ms Dwyer joined us for a term as a SENd consultant to help to develop key aspects of our Inclusive provision. Her work has been valuable and we are so grateful for her input and knowledge. She has mentored Mrs Arnold who will be working on her SENdCo accreditation (from the Institute of Education) this year whilst she continues teaching at Sinai.
Mrs Morris has worked as a teaching assistant, supporting many children over the years. She is leaving to work with her husband and we wish them both every success in their business venture.

We welcome Miss Naomi Rowe and Miss Zoe Budwig into year 2 and 3 respectively. They will be joining us as Newly Qualified Teachers and will be ably lead and mentored by Mrs Liebesny.

We also welcome Miss Sara Amodio into year 6 and Miss Antonia Lewis into year 5, both teachers are experienced and excellent Key Stage Two practitioners and bring with them a wealth of knowledge into our school. We hope that they will be very happy at Sinai and look forward to welcoming them into our team.

‘A school of opportunity’:

I have recruited new leaders following an internal interview process and would like to extend my congratulations to the following members of staff:
Miss Sara Nalkin – Key Stage 1 Maths Leader               Mrs Kelsey Ainhorn – Key Stage 2 Maths Leader
Mrs Ariella Mandell – Key Stage 1 English Leader      Mrs Juliette Green – Key Stage 2 English Leader
Miss Alex Skehan – Interim Curriculum Developer     Mr Robbie Solomons – PE leader/ full time PE teacher
My aim is to develop my staff and give them opportunities to learn and grow whilst enjoying their teaching at Sinai.

Celebrating success
We have had many successes this year and our progress data across each class shows that the outcomes for our pupils are excellent. We continually strive for academic excellence in all that we do and our data at the end of Key Stage Two has confirmed this.

The highlights of our data are as follows:
I am sure that you will agree that these results are excellent. They are the product of closely tracking the children to ensure that learning is tailored to individual needs and understanding. I must congratulate both my staff and all of the children on their hard work and determination.

The governors play an important role in the school, voluntarily giving of their time in order to support the strategic development of the school. I would like to extend my thanks to them all for their dedication and for offering both support and challenge where needed. I would also like to personally thank Mr Glassar, our Chair of Governors for his unwavering commitment in the time and dedication he has given the school.
In particular, I would like to thank Mr Steve Seifert as he retires from his post at the end of this academic year, having served as both a member of the PSA and as Chair of Finance for over 20 years. I would like to publically thank him for the time, allegiance and love he has given to the school over those years.

As I have previously informed you, writing was our key focus in the school since last September. Consequently, were delighted with our writing results this year. We have worked at developing rich writing stimuli for the children and introduced new techniques such as Talk For Writing and Slow Writing.

We will continue to develop our writing techniques in content, grammar and spelling next year. We will also continue to focus on the children’s handwriting, with high expectations for presentation. You will notice in September, that the children will have new exercise books that have tramlines for all of their English writing compositions and grammar work to enforce the handwriting expectation in everything they write.

We were moderated by the Local Authority for our writing in Key Stage 2 this year, the moderators were full of praise for the children’s writing and for the robust internal systems in place at school to mark and moderate children’s work.

The children continue to respond well to Class Dojos and of course, the final reward as the Dojo Tea Party with me. It is always the highlight of my month as the children join me for tea to celebrate their good behaviour.
We have also tracked the new system of Teacher Meetings as an interim step before a detention; this has been a positive step in improving behaviour around the school.
Visitors always comment on how calm the school is during lesson time, how focussed and productive the children are and most of all, how much the children smile as they enjoy their learning at Sinai.

You will have noticed that we have an electronic entry system now, to ensure that all visitors in the building are formally registered. Anyone entering the building, other than to drop children at Reception, will be expected to electronically sign in and wear an identity badge.
Over the summer, work will progress to maglock all of the external doors as an additional security measure. We will keep you informed as this project progresses.

I hope that you enjoy reading your children’s reports. I have certainly enjoyed reading about their progress. I hope that you will find the reports informative, with clear guidance on your child’s achievements and areas for development.

Year 6
As we say a fond farewell to our fabulous cohort of year 6 children, it is fair to say that they have been a magnificent group of children, who have grown into their responsibilities this year and been wonderful ambassadors for our school. I am immensely proud of their achievements and know that we are sending them to secondary school as confident, articulate, hardworking and resilient young people. I wish them all the success that they truly deserve.

It would be remiss of me not to thank my wonderful staff who never fail to impress me with their enthusiasm and dedication to your children. They are always looking for any opportunity to inspire and motivate them and to deliver interesting lessons.

I also want to thank you parents, you have been supportive of your children’s learning and instrumental in the progress we have made as a school in the last two terms.

I want to thank the PSA for their tireless enthusiasm and drive to raise essential funds for the school. I am so grateful for their contribution to helping Sinai to feel like a warm community. With thanks to them, we have been able to buy the sound system which helped to make our Lion King production and our end of year Siyum for year 6 sound so professional.

There is a strong sense of pride in the school from the staff, the children and parents. We are proud to be the biggest Jewish primary school, and determined to be the best.

It is both an honour and a privilege to lead the school. I look forward to the next academic year to continue our exciting learning journey, to embed educational excellence and to continue to promote a love and joy of learning.
I wish you all a wonderful summer and a restful break.

Mrs Juliette Lipshaw
Interim Headteacher
Sinai Jewish Primary School

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