Jaws of Doom

This week has been an exciting week filled with imagination and creativity. The children were greeted on Monday by mysterious characters who had escaped from the ‘Jaws of Doom’. They were left feeling curious and excited when their morning was interrupted by children screaming ‘Help!’ 
This was only the beginning of our whole school writing week. The children worked in groups to use their senses to describe what they thought the Jaws of Doom would be like. They used interesting and varied adjectives to create effective similes.
On Tuesday the children decorated items that they imagined would be found inside the ‘Jaws of Doom’. Children demonstrated how creative they could be with a selection of skulls, skeletons, bats and much more. 
On Wednesday, the children entered the terrifying ‘Jaws of Doom’ which had been filled with a selection of props that the children had made. They were exposed to a new experience, using their senses to really understand how it would feel to be trapped inside the ‘Jaws of Doom’. 
After this experience, the children had the chance to write a narrative based on their experience. The examples that are attached show how engaged the children were. They have worked hard on their presentation, use of adjectives and imagination to create interesting narratives. 
We are extremely proud of the children and the work they have produced. It has been a truly memorable opportunity for all the children and we hope they have enjoyed this unique learning experience. 
Attached are some examples for you to enjoy!

Mrs Mandell and Mrs Green​

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