School endorsement from our Local MP

We are proud to share this supportive letter from the MP for Brent North, Barry Gardiner. 

It has been such a difficult time for everyone over the past few months, and I know how hard you have been working to ensure that children at Sinai can come back safely into the classroom where they belong. Socialising and reconnecting with classmates (albeit at a social distance) is so important for children who have been unable to share and play for the past months.

Please pass on to all your staff  my gratitude for the work they have been doing helping parents with home schooling, working out the new protocols and preparing the interior of the school so that everything was safe and welcoming for the children as they arrived back.

I know that you will all have focussed on the joy on the children’s faces, but we should recognise that this is also a huge relief to many of the parents who can only go back to work if they know their children are being safely looked after. In that respect you are making a major economic contribution as well as an educational one.

So – many congratulations on your reopening to Nursery and  Years 1 & 6. I look forward, as I know you do, to the time that all the children are back at Sinai and hope that you will invite me as soon as it is safe, to pay a visit once again and see the wonderful work that you are doing.

With very best wishes


Barry Gardiner
Member of Parliament for Brent North

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