Year 6 visit the Tate Modern 

This week saw our Year 6 pupils visit the Tate Modern. The museum is one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art in the world and houses over 70,000 artworks.
Year 6 are currently doing a project on Pablo Picasso’s Weeping Woman and are due to finish this in the next few weeks. The painting, unfortunately, is currently on loan to a gallery in France but the group were able to take inspiration from other works on art on display.
Head of Art, Mr Anders, commented, “Being surrounded by art is both inspiring and enriching for the pupils. They have come back with a deeper understanding about different styles and techniques of art. The Tate Modern is a spectacular collection of some of the world’s most iconic pieces.”
About Weeping Woman
One of the worst atrocities of the Spanish Civil War was the bombing of the Basque town of Guernica by the German air force, lending their support to the Nationalist forces of General Franco. Picasso responded to the massacre by painting the vast mural Guernica, and for months afterwards he made subsidiary paintings based on one of the figures in the mural: a weeping woman. Weeping Woman is the last and most elaborate of the series.

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