Access to School and Parking Arrangements

Access to School

We are very fortunate to have car-parking facilities at JFS which is accessed from The Mall, then park in permitted spaces and follow the footpath which leads to the side entrance of the School.

Please use this car park when coming to, and collecting from, school. Unless special arrangements are made for a particular event, there is no access to the school via the JFS car park other than at the beginning and end of the school day.

JFS will only permit entry into its car park for the holders of a pass. Please complete the car park form and bring it to the school office; passes will be issued whilst you wait.


Please be careful only to park in a Sinai space


· The car park will be open at 8.00am
· From 8.00am to 8.25am the car park is solely for DROP OFF for Keystage 1 and 2. This service is not available to Nursery and Reception
· After 8.25am, the drop off service will not be available. Parents will have to park in a designated parking bay and escort their child to the appropriate playground
· Please do not leave your child at the kerbside to make their own way in to school.


At the end of the day, families collecting children will be allowed into JFS car park as follows:

· From 14.45 – those collecting from Nursery or Reception
· From 15.00 – those collecting from Years 1 and 2
· From 3.20pm – those collecting from Years 3 and 4

· From 3.40pm – those collecting from Years 5 and 6

Once you have collected your child, please leave
the car park swiftly to allow others to park

Please have consideration for others when using the JFS car park.
Do NOT park in a Disabled bay unless you have a valid Disabled Permit
Please be aware that children are being escorted across roads and drive at an appropriate speed

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