Our Staff

Headteacher Mrs J Lipshaw SLT
Joint Deputy Headteachers Mrs C Gough / Mrs J Kaye SLT
KS1 Leader / Assistant Head Mrs K Matlin SLT
Ks2 Leader / Assistant Head Mrs G Cowen SLT
Inclusion Leader / Assistant Head Mrs L Facey SLT
Learning & Development Mrs J Green SLT
CPD & Wellbeing Mrs L Lane SLT
Head of Operations Ms D Joseph OFFICE
PA to Headteacher Miss H Brotherton OFFICE
Admissions Officer Mrs E Angel OFFICE
Receptionist Miss L Rose OFFICE
Welfare Mrs H Collins WELFARE
Business Manager Mrs A Chadha FINANCE
Nursery Manager Mrs N Tapper EYFS
Nursery Teacher Mrs M Levy EYFS
Nursery Key Worker Miss G Lebens EYFS
Nursery Key Worker Mrs M Lipman EYFS
JS Teacher Mrs E Allweis EYFS
Reception Teacher Mrs S Freedman / Miss J Felton EYFS
Reception Teacher Miss N Rowe EYFS
Reception Teacher Miss R Haftel EYFS
JS Teacher Mrs T Angel  EYFS
 Year 1
Year 1 Teacher Miss S Hertz KS1
Year 1 Teacher Miss Y Judah KS1
Year 1 Teacher Mrs S Judah / Miss R Lawrence KS1
Year 1 JS Teacher Mrs A Mann KS1
 Year 2
Year 2 Teacher Miss S Nalkin KS1
Year 2 Teacher Miss L Cox KS1
Year 2 Teacher Mrs A Bervoki / Miss S Amodio KS1
Year 2 JS Teacher Mr D Lax KS1
 Year 3
Year 3 Teacher Miss R Lockwood KS2
Year 3 Teacher Mrs K Ainhorn / Mrs G Gilbert KS2
Year 3 JS Teacher Mrs V Halpern KS2
 Year 4
Year 4 Teacher Mrs R Saville KS2
Year 4 Teacher Mrs L Nathan KS2
Year 4 Teacher Mrs J Amdur / Mrs A Martyn KS2
Year 4 JS Teacher Mr M Drucker KS2
 Year 5
Year 5 Teacher Mrs A Meltzer KS2
Year 5 Teacher Mrs A Liebesny KS2
Year 5 Teacher Mrs J Inusah KS2
Year 5 JS Teacher Mr B Kaye KS2
 Year 6
Year 6 Teacher Miss G Lucas KS2
Year 6 Teacher Mrs J Green / Mrs R Wolman KS2
Year 6 Teacher Miss R Collins KS2
Year 6 JS Teacher Miss S Nakar KS2
PE Teacher Mr R Solomons KS2
French Teacher Mrs I Dutch KS2
School Counsellor 
School Counsellor Mrs E Plaskow (Elizabeth)
Mental Health First Aiders 
Mrs L Lane
Mrs L Solomons
Mrs H Collins
Safeguarding Team 
Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs K Matlin
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs L Lane
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / After School Club Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs L Solomons
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads Mrs J Kaye / Mrs L Facey
Headteacher Mrs J Lipshaw



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