Image of Chess Champs!

Chess Champs!

We’re champs!! Well done to our Chess Team who won 6 out of their 7 matches at the Inter Schools Chess Tournament to scoop the top spot. Well done to the team we are very proud of your achievement.

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Image of Nursery Writing Progress

Nursery Writing Progress

Just look at the progress made this year at our Nursery writing table. This child is doing independent writing, using picture cards, to write out CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words. This was a 1:1 intervention with a key worker - and Mrs...

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Image of Year 2 help solve a mystery

Year 2 help solve a mystery

Our year 2 children had a busy morning trying to follow clues and find out who ate Mrs Lisphaw’s scone. Mrs Vangeen was spotted with a pot of jam on her desk, was it her? Mrs Jacobs was munching on biscuits… so maybe it was her?...

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Image of Nursery make cheesecake for Shavuot

Nursery make cheesecake for Shavuot

Our Nursery children were enjoying making their own individual cheesecakes ahead of Shavuot. Our Head Chef, Santa, thought they looked so nice that they made him his very own one to take home. Scroll through to find this simple recipe to make at...

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Image of Playground fun and games

Playground fun and games

A very happy break time this morning with the introduction of lots of new play equipment to keep the children engaged in happy play. This is phase 1 of our playground overhaul and it was very well received.

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Image of When I grow up...

When I grow up...

Are we looking at some future Sinai staff? Our Reception children were looking at what they want to be when they grow up - and we have a future Headteacher and Teacher in our midst. Mrs Lipshaw was very excited to give them a special sticker as...

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Image of Year 1 head outside for their Art lesson

Year 1 head outside for their Art lesson

Our year 1 children are looking at still life drawing in Art. They spent a lovely Art lesson in our Wellbeing garden looking at the plants, flowers and nature for inspiration. An idyllic and stimulating lesson for the children.

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Image of Promoting Positive Speech

Promoting Positive Speech

We always love having our school Rabbi Fine leading sessions in school. Yesterday, as part of the Clean Speech project, he lead a hands on session for our year 5 children and their grown ups. This is promoting the power of words and promoting...

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Image of Fostering a love of reading

Fostering a love of reading

At Sinai we foster a love of reading and encourage reading for pleasure. Our Book Club members were taken on a special trip to Kingsbury Library and enjoyed a special session run by the Librarian.

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Image of Nursery release their butterflies

Nursery release their butterflies

Our Nursery children had a very exciting morning releasing their  butterflies and watching them fly away. They have enjoyed watching their caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful butterflies.  The children...

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Image of Reception have a busy morning 'Growing'

Reception have a busy morning 'Growing'

Our Reception children are looking at ‘Growing’ and have had a busy morning building tall structures, measuring their feet using blocks, playing in our Garden Centre home corner, planting cress seeds and watering them and writing...

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Image of Lag B'Omer celebrations

Lag B'Omer celebrations

Celebrating Lag B’Omer in school with a BBQ style lunch, lots of Jewish Studies arts and crafts, pretend bonfire building and even a teddy bear’s picnic for our Nursery children.

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